1 Day to NAB; fog in Chicago!

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The NAB Show starts tomorrow. FileCatalyst will be at booth SL13408—come visit us!

As alluded to on Friday, we will be taking the opportunity to talk about Files2U. However, as great as the new service is shaping up to be, the primary focus of FileCatalyst will always be accelerating file transfers in the Enterprise.

Media and Entertainment has for several years now been a digital world. The shows and movies you watch, or the games you play, are comprised of large files. In the case of high-definition programming, a single title can be several gigabytes. FTP is simply not up to the task of delivering those files. At the NAB show, swing by and let us help identify the ways in which a fast file transfer solution can not only make your transfers more efficient, but save you money in the process.

Fog in Chicago

Two of us who are attending the show were at the airport today, plenty early today for our flight. As it turns out, maybe a bit TOO early. An automated call came in on the cell phone warning us that United (via U.S. Air) had cancelled our flight into Chicago (from where we would connect to Vegas). Nothing could be done about it. Only a few other flights were scheduled, but they were either completely full or likely to be cancelled as well. As it turns out, Chicago was “having some weather,” and fog was making it impossible to land. I could hear several other people talking to agents at the gate about the same issue. There’s a lot of unhappy exhibitors and attendees here in Ottawa tonight!

The earliest flight is tomorrow at 7:15am. That gets the two of us to the booth for about 1:30 or so. With check-in etc I will be getting up no later than 5am, which is going to make for a very long day! Luckily, I’m extremely excited to be going to one of the most exciting shows of the year, and the Vegas energy will be high!

In the meantime, two of the team are already down in Vegas enjoying the heat. Any attendees stopping by the booth will still be getting the straight goods.

See you there!