Exposing the Internal FileCatalyst Server in Webmail and Workflow to accept connections from 3rd Party FTP Clients

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Change is hard sometimes and while some of us find it easy to accept change, others find it hard. When IT departments move to FileCatalyst Webmail or Workflow to replace sending of files via email or using unmanaged FTP Servers, the big question is: “How can we do this while keeping users who are comfortable with specific FTP Clients happy?”

Having done some IT myself, we all know managing multiple servers that fill the same role is hard and can get complicated and overwhelming. Well, we decided to do something about that when it comes to file transfer.

FileCatalyst Webmail and Workflow both ship with an internal FileCatalyst Server which is limited to FTP transfers only. Through the Super Admin configuration page, we have also exposed an interface that allows you to interact with the internal FileCatalyst Server. This means you can now create additional accounts for your power users who wish to use 3rd Party FTP Clients to connect in and transfer files just like before, all through one application. The internal FileCatalyst Server also allows you to protect your file transfers by enabling security on it.

To add a user to the internal FileCatalyst Server, log into Webmail or Workflow and go to “Modify Configuration”. On the center column, you will notice a section at the bottom called “Remote Admin” with a link to the Internal Server. Click on the link, sit back and let the spinning Java icon hypnotize you. Once you snap out of it, the FileCatalyst Server Admin Applet will load and connect to the internal FileCatalyst Server. You will see the list of users and a “+” button at the top which allows you to add a new user to the internal FC Server.

Much like the standalone FileCatalyst Server, the internal FileCatalyst Server allows you to point the home directory of a user to a UNC path.

You can also use the FileCatalyst Server Admin Applet to add another user that you can use in your FC/FTP Sites as mentioned by John in the “Go Further” section of this blog: http://www.filecatalyst.com/connecting-to-multiple-servers/