DramaFever Uses FileCatalyst to Send Large Media Files

Unlimi-Tech Software, developer of accelerated and managed file transfer solutions, is pleased to announce that DramaFever, the leading online distributor of Asian Video Entertainment, has chosen FileCatalyst Direct for accelerated file transfer.

DramaFever has its roots providing Korean dramas to an eager North American audience, but has grown to become a provider of televised entertainment from around the globe. DramaFever’s success is due not only to availability of content previously unavailable in North America, but also to their vibrant community of users and subscribers. To best serve this community, DramaFever has rapid turnaround from original broadcast to online availability as a primary goal.

Before adopting FileCatalyst, this goal was a challenging one to meet. Partners needed to deliver files up to 20 GB in size, opting to use FTP or shipping hard drives via courier. This process was very inefficient, costly, and prone to errors. DramaFever needed a better method, and FileCatalyst delivered.

As the leading online distributor of Asian Video Entertainment, it is critical for DramaFever to get the latest titles as soon as possible after airtime. FileCatalyst saves us precious time and money through its automation tools and blazingly fast file transfer.—Romanos Fessas, VP of Product at DramaFever

Using FileCatalyst, the workflow has become automated, saving time spent by partners and employees handling file exchange. Since files are sent using the accelerated FileCatalyst protocol, they arrive at the highest possible speed. This combination of automation and speed means that new content can be made available in hours or minutes, instead of days.

“We tried many competitive solutions,” continues Romanos Fessas, “but none stood up to FileCatalyst’s great customization tools and the ability to pre-package a client for our international licensing partners.”

File transfer is inherently a two-sided process, and both the sender and receiver need to be “on board” in order for it to be effective. Since FileCatalyst provides free automation tools for any number of client-side users, getting up and running is a painless process.

“Our customers do not want to force their users to purchase software licenses in order to exchange files,” says Chris Bailey, CEO of Unlimi-Tech. “FileCatalyst licensing is server-based, allowing DramaFever to provide a high level of service to their partners without burdening them with additional costs.”

About DramaFever

Since our launch in August 2009, DramaFever quickly became a leading cross-border distributor of international video entertainment, particularly in North America. The Company licenses videos from major media companies around the world and distributes them in high quality with English subtitles via DramaFever.com as well as syndication partners such as Hulu. Content partners include KBS, MBC, SBS, CCTV, Shanghai Media Group, MediaCorp, FUNimation, Asahi TV, ABS-CBN, Group Eight, ISplus, JS Pictures, and many others.