Eurovision Selects FileCatalyst Direct for Pilot Project

Amsterdam, Netherlands [PRWeb]—Unlimi-Tech Software, Inc. is pleased to announce that Eurovision, the world’s premier distributor of sports and news content, has selected FileCatalyst Direct as the primary transfer technology for a pilot development project to upgrade the Eurovision News Exchanges.

Within the framework, FileCatalyst Direct will accelerate file transfers as well as provide central management of file delivery and bandwidth usage. By integrating FileCatalyst, Eurovision is able to reach full line speed for file transfers, something not previously possible.

“The FileCatalyst Direct Solution looks to be an excellent fit for our development project,” said Didier Debellemanière, Head of Eurovision’s Business Technology Unit. “FileCatalyst has been implemented as the main data mover and controller of our three classes of networks—internet, fiber network, and satellite. Receiving files from Japan, we jumped from 1.5 Mb/s to 20 Mb/s—link capacity!”

Although link saturation is always possible, Eurovision uses the FileCatalyst Direct management tools to set aside enough bandwidth to run other critical tasks in parallel, such as voice over IP. Management is not limited to bandwidth scheduling; using “guaranteed delivery” options, the system automatically prioritizes transfers, ensuring the most important files arrive on time.

“It gives us a great sense of accomplishment that Eurovision has chosen FileCatalyst technology,” said Chris Bailey, CEO of Unlimi-Tech. “Eurovision’s results are already showing that FileCatalyst technology will be an asset in moving the digital media associated with their events.”

As well as operating the 24/7 content exchange for the top international news of the day, Eurovision distributes premier sports events live including the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup™, UEFA Champions League, Formula One Grand Prix, Grand Slam Tennis, Athletics and Winter Sports.

Eurovision will also deploy FileCatalyst Java applets for web-based file transfer, adding on-demand installation-free file transfers for situations not requiring automation. Flexible and diverse client options ensure that the file transfer experience is tailored to each particular scenario.

For more information about FileCatalyst technology or for a free trial, please visit us at booth 7.J41 at the upcoming IBC Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam, or visit us on the web at

About Eurovision

Eurovision is a department of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the largest association of national broadcasters in the world. Eurovision operates a global fibre and satellite platform dedicated to the delivery of top sports and news events to the international broadcast and media market. A community of more than 3000 broadcasters around the world is directly connected to the Eurovision platform

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