FileCatalyst and Rikei Corporation Partner for Accelerated File Transfer Distribution in Japan

Unlimi-Tech Software, the pioneer in accelerated file transfers and the creator of FileCatalyst, the world’s leading accelerated file transfer solution, today announces a value added reseller agreement with Rikei Corporation. This partnership enables Rikei Corporation to distribute the FileCatalyst suite of accelerated and managed file transfer solutions to clients in Japan.

Founded in 1957 and headquartered in Tokyo, Rikei Corporation is listed in the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a leading provider of information technology components, products and systems in Japan, with a global network of manufacturers and partners. As an IT solutions distributor, Rikei specializes in supplying optical communications devices with high performance and high reliability.


The new distributor agreement between FileCatalyst and Rikei agrees that Rikei may provide the FileCatalyst platform of accelerated and managed file transfer solutions within its market territory. The addition of the FileCatalyst UDP-based protocol allows for fast, simple and reliable sharing of digital content among Rikei’s clients. FileCatalyst’s accelerated file transfer technology solves many problems related to file transfer including slow and unreliable transfers often experienced when transferring large files over geographically dispersed locations.

“We are happy to extend our list of global partners with the addition of the FileCatalyst suite of accelerated file transfer solutions,” says Hiroaki Koganemaru, Executive Officer of Rikei. “FileCatalyst transfers large file sizes quickly and securely, even in poor network conditions or when packet loss is present. These are features crucial to many of our customers.”

“The partnership between FileCatalyst and Rikei is a great match,” says Alan Atkinson, VP of Business Development at Unlimi-Tech. “Rikei is a leading and reputable IT solutions distributor in Japan, and we are pleased to extend our reach to the Japanese market through this company.”

FileCatalyst will be exhibiting the FileCatalyst suite of solutions at Broadcast Asia, the continent’s largest representative, integrated show for the pro-audio, film and TV industries, taking place at the Marina Bay Sands, in Singapore from June 18 – 21.

About Unlimi-Tech Software, Inc.

Located in Ottawa, Canada, Unlimi-Tech Software is the creator of FileCatalyst, the world’s leading accelerated file transfer solution. Founded in 2000, the company has more than one thousand customers in media & entertainment, energy & mining, gaming and printing, including many Fortune 500 companies as well as military and government organizations. FileCatalyst is a software platform designed to accelerate and manage file transfers securely and reliably. FileCatalyst is immune to the effects that latency and packet loss have on traditional file transfer methods like FTP, HTTP or CIFS. Global organizations use FileCatalyst to solve issues related to file transfer, including content distribution, file sharing and offsite backups.

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About Rikei Corporation

Rikei Corporation supplies a variety of solutions with the world’s most advanced products and technologies being used at their core. Rikei has developed a global network as the backbone of their distribution services, with agreements with over 100 major manufacturers and partners worldwide. Rikei Corporation is determined to respond to every new challenge through its global network and through innovation in technical development, planning, and consulting services.

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