Quicklink Enhances Store and Forward LNG with FileCatalyst

Las Vegas, Nevada [PRWeb]—Unlimi-Tech Software, the pioneer in managed and accelerated file transfers, is pleased to announce Quicklink’s integration of FileCatalyst® technology with their Store and Forward LNG solution. This integration gives Quicklink’s clients a new range of transfer options, including the ability to send media using the FileCatalyst acceleration protocol.

Quicklink’s clients work primarily from the field, capturing video and sending it to a broadcast workflow using whatever connection type is available. Most wireless and satellite links are heavily affected by packet loss and latency, which cause a bottleneck in transfer speed. To solve this problem and augment Store and Forward LNG’s available transfer options, Quicklink turned to FileCatalyst.

“Our goal was to redesign Store and Forward LNG so that it provides even better file transfer functionality under the hood, while at the same time simplifying the end-user experience,” says Richard Rees, CEO of Quicklink. “Using FileCatalyst technology meant that we could integrate features like accelerated file transfer and HTTP fallback while keeping our priority squarely on the people using the system.”

The newly designed Quicklink interface is simple and easy to use. Users choose to send via satellite, 3G/4G, WiFi, ADSL or other connection types, and pre-configured profiles automatically choose the most efficient transfer method between UDP, HTTP, parallel FTP (up to 7 streams), SFTP or FTP. Since each profile is powered by FileCatalyst, Quicklink can also provide automatic HTTP fallback to ensure connection through most firewalls.

“The integration with Quicklink really showcases the power and flexibility of FileCatalyst,” says John Tkaczewski, President of Unlimi-Tech Software. “They were able to quickly and easily implement FileCatalyst as the underlying transfer technology, keeping the system multi-platform and adding the benefits of our acceleration and fallback facilities. What makes it a real success, though, is that integration is transparent to end users.”

The enhanced service is available for purchase as an upgrade to existing Quicklink servers. HTTP fallback will be included as a standard feature in the new version release of Store and Forward LNG.. Broadcasters across the globe now have the opportunity to take advantage of technology that automatically chooses the fastest and most efficient method of transfer, directly from within the Quicklink software.

About Quicklink

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