Looking ahead to 2015

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In our last blog post, we reflected on some of the thrilling moments our company experienced in 2014. If you haven’t read that post yet, take a moment and share in our excitement of those moments. However, that post couldn’t … Read More

Reflecting on 2014

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As 2014 winds down, now seems as good a time as any to take a look back at the past year. Every year brings change and this year was no different at FileCatalyst. We’ve expanded the size of our office, … Read More

FileCatalyst: What does it do (part 3)

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Think of the internet as garden hose. Now let’s say that this hose has a kink and the amount of water flowing through the hose is constricted. By bringing in acceleration technology, the kink is removed and now the flow … Read More

FileCatalyst: What does it do (part 2)

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Unlimi-Tech’s FileCatalyst technology addresses the primary roadblock to large scale, smooth, and efficient transfer of data through the medium of the internet: network latency. Network latency can be likened to a kink or bottleneck in a garden hose. A garden … Read More

FileCatalyst: What does it do (part 1)

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I am often asked to frame or succinctly explain the purpose and function of Unlimi-Tech software. Over the years, I have amassed a number of go-to analogies that I have found to effectively convey these concepts to anyone interested in … Read More

Introducing FileCatalyst TransferAgent

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If you have been keeping up with FileCatalyst, you may have already heard of our latest product, FileCatalyst TransferAgent. Officially released yesterday, TransferAgent introduces a new way to harness the power of FileCatalyst. That last phrase should be read with … Read More

Taking a Look Back

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 We were recently notified that we were selected for a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for Secure and Accelerated File Transfer. I have to say, I never expected this when John Tkaczewski and I started creating FTP software almost 15 … Read More

Making the transition easy

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When considering a replacement for your FTP Solution, there are a lot of questions you or your team may have. Some answers to those questions are easy, some may take some digging, and some you won’t know the answer to … Read More

Flexibility in your Front-End API

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When working on a new project and making API design and architecture decisions, the guiding principle for all decisions should really be: How will customers use it? As a developer working primarily on the front end of things, I’m interested … Read More

What Not to Share.

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As a software company in the file transfer space, our team often provides demos to potential clients. In order to do this, we use demo sites, including some private instances as well as files2u.com, a free service originally created to … Read More

Remember Sochi

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Gigabits per second (Gbps). That is a unit you hear thrown around when talking about our file transfer technology. We brought 2Gbps transfers to NBC this year for the Winter Olympics. Uploads and downloads. Watching the data flow through our … Read More

NASA’s 622 Mbps Link to the Moon: How to Increase Transfer Speeds

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In a recent press release (http://www.nasa.gov/press/2013/october/nasa-laser-communication-system-sets-record-with-data-transmissions-to-and-from/#.UmkyxPlwrng) NASA announced that now they have a 622 Mbps Laser link to the moon. The press release also mentions that NASA was also able to transfer data at 20Mbps from earth to the space … Read More

Prioritizing Transfers in FileCatalyst Direct

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FileCatalyst routinely helps users make full use of your bandwidth for file transfer. Scenarios in which bandwidth is optimized include cases where certain file transfers have higher priority than others, or when files being exchanged with a particular customer are … Read More

The Lighter Side of Cutting Edge Technology

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I am approaching my first year at Unlimi-Tech Software, Inc and I’ve got to say a big part of this company’s success comes not just from great minds but also a great work environment. The level of professionalism exhibited by … Read More

NAB Show 2013 Wrap Up: Exciting Announcements and New Releases for the Digital Media Industry!

Last week, the FileCatalyst Team attended NAB Show in Las Vegas. This was a great show with many new, exciting technologies announced (including our own new FileCatalyst Central and FileCatalyst Direct releases) breathing new life into the constantly evolving digital … Read More

FileCatalyst at NAB – Unveiling our Latest Product Releases and Showcasing the Fastest Media File Transfers

Next week the FileCatalyst Team will be heading to Las Vegas for the always entertaining and informative NAB Show. Bringing together approximately 100,000 digital media professionals the NAB Show is the essential industry event for creative inspiration and next-generation technologies … Read More

FileCatalyst Central v3.2: Flexible Views

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As a general development principle at FileCatalyst, we are guided by what our customers need from the product. However, we still occasionally indulge ourselves and include small changes to an application based on the simple question, “What’s something *I* would … Read More

AberFast Video File Delivery: Aberdeen Captioning Integrates FileCatalyst Technology for Accelerated Transfers

Aberdeen’s AberFast solution enables the quick sharing of files across the globe with their cloud-based file delivery and transcoding solution. Helping to give the digital delivery system its extra oomph in file transfer speed is an integration with FileCatalyst UDP-based … Read More

Java and Windows 7 Services

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I recently had an interesting support case that I thought deserved to be shared with everyone. Essentially the customer was unable to run FileCatalyst Server as a service on Windows 7 Premium with the Windows firewall up. After attempting several … Read More

FileCatalyst IBC 2012 Wrap-up

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FileCatalyst exhibited at the IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) show in Amsterdam, the expo portion having run from September 7–11. It is one of the biggest shows of its type in the world, and I always find it interesting to be … Read More

FileCatalyst Staff Golf Tourney 2012

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It’s a rare day that work feels like work around here, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re indoors, most of us in front of computer screens. Iterating code, improving written copy, and working to get our software into … Read More

Open Source Fast File Transfers

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There exist a number of open source projects trying to tackle accelerated file transfer via UDP. Some solutions are more mature than others and also use different technologies to solve the same problem of large data transfer over WAN. This … Read More

NAB 2012 – From the show floor

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Starting up day three at the NAB show… The demo instances are humming, the booth staff has high energy, and the show floor is just starting to fill up with traffic. As happens every year, there is a great blend … Read More

What Problems are we solving?

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This blog post is in response to a Google+ topic presented here by Jay Cuthrell (@qthrul) The question was: I’m catching up on Aspera, Digital Rapids, FileCatalyst, Kencast, RepliWeb, RocketStream (TIBCO), Signiant, SmartJog, etc… What problems are each of these … Read More

The World is Getting Faster – FTP is not

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Just finished reading a post at GigaOm regarding gigabit fibre in the UK. Of course, being in the business that we’re in, I immediately thought: if businesses of all sizes, and even homes end up with 300Mbps connections (or faster), … Read More

FileCatalyst at GTEC 2011

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GTEC is Canada’s government technology event. Thousands of visitors from both the public and private sectors will be at GTEC to learn about the technologies at play within the government, as well as emerging technologies which may soon become a … Read More

FileCatalyst at InterOp NY 2011

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FileCatalyst will be in New York at the Javits Centre from Oct 3–7, showcasing the lastest advances in our technology. Come visit us at booth 603 and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions or provide a demonstration. While … Read More

The Road To Banff leads through the Cloud

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Recently, FileCatalyst had a great opportunity to be a part of Canada 3.0, a digital media forum with over 2,000 participants discussing and shaping Canada’s digital landscape. One of the events was a “pitch off” that saw participants exchanging large … Read More

FileCatalyst at GTEC this October

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GTEC is Canada’s biggest “technology in the government” expo. With a number of government and military deployments under our belt at both Canadian and International level, we felt the time was right to show our leading fast file transfer technology … Read More

FileCatalyst at IBC

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At the time of this post, IBC is still a number of weeks away. However, preparations have been underway for several months already, and the date will be upon us before we know it! Since the last show, there have … Read More

From InterOp: Partnership with Hosting.com

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There’s an official press release coming out tomorrow morning, but we were excited enough about this one to spoil the fun a day early: Hosting.com has implemented FileCatalyst into their already-excellent Customer Portal. Of course, we feel this makes the … Read More

Quicklink Announcement from the NAB Show

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We released an interesting article today about Quicklink’s adoption of FileCatalyst technology into their Store and Forward LNG solution. Here’s a link to the press release proper: http://www.prweb.com/releases/quicklink_filecatalyst/nab_show/prweb3861224.htm If you happen to be down at the NAB, why not swing … Read More

Now Hiring: Inside Sales Representative

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Unlimi-Tech is hiring an Inside Sales Representative for its FileCatalyst suite of products. The main office is located in Ottawa, Canada, so interested parties will either be from this region or willing to relocate. We’d love to have you join … Read More

FileCatalyst at InterOp

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In a few days we will be exhibiting in New York at the Interop Expo. In addition to learning more about how accelerated and managed file transfer can help your organization, we’ll be demonstrating two of our latest additions: the … Read More

Gearing up for JavaOne

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Next week, we’ll be sending a team to San Francisco for the JavaOne conference. We’ll be at booth #117. This is a first for us, and exciting for a few reasons: – Unlike some other shows, where our primary objective … Read More

FileCatalyst at Interop, JavaOne, IBC

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Come meet the FileCatalyst team at one of the upcoming trade shows we’re attending: InterOp Las Vegas May 17–21 at booth 2407 JavaOne San Francisco June 2–5 booth #117 IBC Amsterdam September 10–15 both 7.J41 Each of these events has … Read More

At the NAB (photo)

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Managed to snag this photo from a colleague’s camera. Here’s Chris and myself (Greg) outside the convention center: Cropped out of the picture: some palm trees. When you’ve just come out of what seems like 6 months of snow, palm … Read More

1 Day to NAB; fog in Chicago!

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The NAB Show starts tomorrow. FileCatalyst will be at booth SL13408—come visit us! As alluded to on Friday, we will be taking the opportunity to talk about Files2U. However, as great as the new service is shaping up to be, … Read More

GDC Day 1-2 and why FileCatalyst is here

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In my 9 years as co-founder and president of FileCatalyst, nothing is more exciting than going to an industry-specific trade show and talking to the visitors in our booth about file transfer. At first glance most visitors dismiss the need … Read More

The Value of good Support

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One of Steve Kayser’s latest articles, The End of Marketing and PR isn’t exactly about the end of PR (rather, it’s about the new approach businesses must take to marketing and PR), but the title of the article got me … Read More

QA – Come get some

The great thing about being “the QA” guy in a smaller company is that the answer to the question “what should I do about testing?” is usually “whatever you want…but don’t kill anybody”. The absolute power is blinding but luckily … Read More

The Fast File Transfer Blog

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Welcome to FileCatalyst’s new blog.  Check back regularly as we open up about the FileCatalyst family of products, with discussions about fast file transfer, managed file transfer, and how technologies like FTP can be replaced. All the while, keep up … Read More