A few things we love

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (this is a subtle reminder guys), and while here at FileCatalyst we aren’t in the business of chocolates and flowers, we thought this would be a great time to share five of the things that … Read More

What winning an Emmy is like

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So, I won an Emmy. Well, more accurately we won an Emmy. To be completely accurate, my company was nominated for and awarded a Technology & Engineering Emmy in the category of “Secure Accelerate File Movement Over IP, Including the … Read More

Introducing FileCatalyst TransferAgent

If you have been keeping up with FileCatalyst, you may have already heard of our latest product, FileCatalyst TransferAgent. Officially released yesterday, TransferAgent introduces a new way to harness the power of FileCatalyst. That last phrase should be read with … Read More

Making the transition easy

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When considering a replacement for your FTP Solution, there are a lot of questions you or your team may have. Some answers to those questions are easy, some may take some digging, and some you won’t know the answer to … Read More

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