The Road To Banff leads through the Cloud

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Recently, FileCatalyst had a great opportunity to be a part of Canada 3.0, a digital media forum with over 2,000 participants discussing and shaping Canada’s digital landscape. One of the events was a “pitch off” that saw participants exchanging large … Read More

FileCatalyst at IBC

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At the time of this post, IBC is still a number of weeks away. However, preparations have been underway for several months already, and the date will be upon us before we know it! Since the last show, there have … Read More

From InterOp: Partnership with

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There’s an official press release coming out tomorrow morning, but we were excited enough about this one to spoil the fun a day early: has implemented FileCatalyst into their already-excellent Customer Portal. Of course, we feel this makes the … Read More

FileCatalyst Direct as “Building Blocks”

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FileCatalyst Direct is marketed primarily as our point-to-point file transfer system. At its most basic level, the solution requires server-side installation (FileCatalyst Direct Server), and a connection from a client option. On the client side, you don’t even need installation—options … Read More

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