Todos los meses, que acogerá un seminario educativo sobre un producto, función o aplicación de la plataforma FileCatalyst. Ya sea que esté técnicamente inclinado o simplemente buscando algunos detalles más, nuestros seminarios en línea son una gran fuente de información.

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How to move big data fast….. like, seriously fast!

It’s a fast pace world where data is growing at alarming rates. This data needs to be stored and in order for that to be done effectively, the transfer of this data needs to be fast, reliable and secure every time.

Join us on Thursday October 12th at 10am EDT when our President and co-founder, John Tkaczewski, will provide an introduction to the FileCatalyst technology.

John will discuss the differences between FTP and FileCatalyst technology and will delve into how FileCatalyst is able to provide reliability and security, in addition to acceleration. This webinar is not to be missed by anyone looking for an answer on just how to move big data.

Presenter:John Tkaczewski- Co-Founder FileCatalyst

When: Thursday Oct 12th, 2017

Time: 10:00AM – 10:45AM EST

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