FileCatalyst Direct 2.7.2 released

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The latest production version of FileCatalyst Direct has just been released. Anybody owning a license is invited to contact their representative for download information, or to visit the download portal provided by your account executive.


Here’s a brief list of what’s included:

• Server-side API released as beta product
• Option to force lowercase usernames to assist managing environments with case insensitivity (such as ActiveDirectory)
• renaming of files on the fly with Download applet
• new applet javascript methods to extract transfer information
• option to eliminate drag and dropping of files in queue for upload applet
• Added client CLI ability to specify POST URL
• Added client CLI ability to support file filtering with regular expressions

Along with some maintenance such as a refresh of any third-party libraries being used, 2.7.2 is a recommended update for existing FileCatalyst Direct licensees.