FileCatalyst Direct/Express 2.7.1 released

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FileCatalyst Direct and Express have been updated to version 2.7.1. As an incremental release, 2.7.1 is primarily a maintenance release, tightening up a few features and adding a few small improvements. 2.7 introduced progressive transfers on file deltas (see our recent article on minimizing data sets) but for uploads only. This release adds the functionality on downloads as well, good news for people with a 2-way workflow who are transferring large files.

Here are the release notes in brief:

  • Transfer of deltas file may now be done progressively (start to transfer data while delta file is being built) for both upload and download
  • Ability for administrators to see client type and version in Server Remote Admin
  • Confirmation dialog before canceling transfers using the applets
  • Ability in upload applet to remove browser pane
  • “slow start” renamed to a more accurate “congestion control” and default control aggression lowered
  • Improved: resuming large delta transfers
  • Improved: compatibility of MonitoringAgent with particular SMTP servers

This is a recommended upgrade for any organizations using 2.7.0 or below. Please contact your FileCatalyst representative, or log into the download area to obtain your upgrade.

Please note that the above notes cover the FileCatalyst Server and Client applications as a whole; however, not all features appear in the entry-level FileCatalyst Express solution.