FileCatalyst & Flowers TV Case Study

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Flowers TV is a 24-hour Malayalam general entertainment television channel from Insight Media City, an international media campus headquartered at Kochi, Kerala, India. The channel has been on the air since 12 April 2015 and holds the broadcast rights to the North American Film Awards. Apprehending the taste of the real television viewers in Kerala, Flowers TV has catered a visual feast on screen. With a fresh look and feel and a wide variety of programs, Flowers TV has grabbed the minds of the Malayali audience across the globe with the launch of a second channel, Flowers International, in a 10 month period.


Being headquartered in Bangalore, India and having a vast client base across the country, BYJU'S found it difficult to transfer their large collection of video tutorials to users at efficient speeds. When beginning as a start-up, BYJU'S used traditional FTP as their core file transfer method. This became a time-consuming process as the size of their video collection grew over time. They now have a collection of 100’s of sessions with video content ranging from 5-25 GB per session, all of which needs to be transferred to various users around the world. BYJU'S began looking for an alternative file transfer solution that could replace FTP and enhance transfer speeds irrespective of latency or packet loss.


After reviewing the available solutions, Flowers TV decided to use FileCatalyst to overcome the issues they faced. They installed the FileCatalyst Direct software suite, with FileCatalyst Server as the main application (installed in Germany on a 500 Mbps link) and FileCatalyst HotFolder (installed at Kerala on a 100 Mbps link) to provide client-side automation capabilities. They also use FileCatalyst Express to perform manual transfers between the two sites.


Flowers TV has been very happy with the performance and acceleration provided by FileCatalyst. Over a 100 Mbps link, Flowers TV has been able to get consistent upload speeds of 92.5 Mbps using the FileCatalyst HotFolder, and speeds of 95.2 Mbps when using the FileCatalyst Express client. Flowers TV is now getting a constant and reliable speed of 92 Mbps for every transfer, helping them get content to their playout facility in Germany at unprecedented speeds, regardless of latency, packet loss, and RTT.