FileCatalyst Staff Golf Tourney 2012

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It’s a rare day that work feels like work around here, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re indoors, most of us in front of computer screens. Iterating code, improving written copy, and working to get our software into the hands of companies who need what we do… it does take effort and it does take us away from the glorious sunlight and beautiful weather we’ve been having.

What better way to enjoy the weather than to play a quick round of golf?

Even non-golfers can barely resist the allure of walking around in well-groomed quasi-nature and the open air. Yesterday we divided interested parties up into more-or-less evenly matched teams and played 9 holes of best ball. OK, so it wasn’t The Masters and we only have a few scratch golfers… but everybody had an absolutely fantastic time. Here are a few highlights (click to see full-size):

Nice shot onto the green
See that object in the air? That’s a ball en route to the green. Nice shot, Darren!
You must always be wary of raiding parties in golf carts. Watch your backs!
Four words you’ll hear at every amateur and pro golf tournament for at least another decade: “Get in the hole!”
Read’em and weep, sucker!
Golf etiquette dictates that you must never make distracting sounds or motions while somebody is in the middle of their swing.
The winning team, presented with the first ever FileCatalyst Open trophy.

Until Next Year

Everybody had a blast. I have no doubt we’ll be organizing another golf afternoon next year, and some of us who have “the bug” may just have to play hookey for a round before the end of the summer. Congrats to the winners!

Photo credits: One Big Eye