FileCatalyst NAB 2012 Wrap-up

The 2012 NAB Show took place last week from the 16th to the 19th. The show had a good atmosphere, energy levels were high, and it turned out to be a great success for the company. Here are a few of the things I found notable about this year:

10 Gbps transfers

We knew going into the show that we offer the only product capable of reaching 10 Gbps file transfer speeds for a single file. Other companies are reaching a sustainable speed of only 1/3 that, peaking at 1/2 only with multiple files. But knowing this didn’t prepare us for the number of people who came to our booth specifically to ask about 10 Gbps transfers. After all, that is a huge pipe not necessarily available to even the world’s largest enterprises. But the questions came; from non-technical stakeholders who just want to know they can transfer a single multi-terabyte file at high speed, all the way to CTOs with engineering backgrounds who had some great questions about the core protocol.

Suffice it to say, there is a need out there for 10 Gbps transfers, and we were delighted to be the only company able to provide it.

Mobile file transfer

We trailed a little bit (just a little!) behind some of our competitors in bringing a mobile app to the market. But that’s OK, because we introduced a great one that caught people’s attention. People working “in the field” have uploading as their primary use case (for example, journalists sending mobile-captured images and video for a breaking story) and we provide a super-streamlined experience. Visitors to the NAB booth sometimes had “do you have anything for mobile?” as their first question, but almost all of them had it at least as a “nice to have”.

That picture will probably change as cellular networks become even faster and see wider deployment of high-speed connectivity. One visitor to the booth noted, “My cell connection is faster than my home connection.” This trend will have an obvious impact on the importance of fast file transfer from mobile devices, and FileCatalyst is right there to provide a solution.

On the mobile front—and again taking us a bit by surprise—at least half of the people who were seriously interested in mobile were also interested in what we have to offer in our SDK. While the app may be iOS-only (for now), the SDK contains APIs for both Objective-C and Android (for the Dalvik VM). For either of the world’s two most popular smartphone/tablet platforms, you can already integrate FileCatalyst transfers within a mobile app, or create a new one that meets your needs.

Face-to-face Time

One of the great things about being at the NAB is the chance to meet face to face with existing clients. We get to share first-hand our upcoming and new features (expiring packages for Webmail and Workflow were a welcome new addition!) and more importantly we get to re-establish what brought us together in the first place. It’s absolutely amazing to see what companies like Aframe are doing to bring a great experience to their users. And it’s so motivating to see the genuine enthusiasm companies like Aberdeen Captioning have for what we do.

Most companies exhibit at tradeshows to promote new products or meet new prospective buyers, and that’s true for FileCatalyst as well. But on a personal level, the most energizing part for me is the time we get to spend talking with existing clients.

Until the next NAB

It’s a done deal that we’ll be exhibiting at NAB 2013. But that’s a year away! In the meantime, if you would like to meet with us in person, we have a few upcoming shows finalized:

  • Interop Las Vegas: This one’s coming right up, from May 8–10. You can schedule a meeting and get 25% off a conference pass (or a free Expo pass!) by visiting our FileCatalyst at Interop page.
  • CANSEC: Also coming right up (May 30 & 31) in our HQ hometown, CANSEC is a defence and security showcase. Obviously, our main topic of conversation there will be security in data transfer. (request meeting)
  • Interop New York: Later in the year we will be at the smaller of the two Interop shows, held in New York. The perfect opportunity for companies with easier access to New York to stop by and see what we have to offer! (request meeting)