FileCatalyst Webmail and Workflow 4.3 released

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FileCatalyst Webmail and Workflow have been updated and released as production versions.


The latest version included some changes to internal components and libraries, as well as improvements to the way the web application interacts with the file server. Some of the changes included in 4.3 are:

  • Logging improvements (memory usage, FTP logs from applets)
  • Delta transfers (RSYNC-like) for HTTP uploads
  • Workflow only: overwrite location of job files and transaction PDFs
  • Upgraded internal libraries and components
  • New session-based security as an additional security measure
  • Resolved issue uploading files to 3rd party FTP server (such as IIS) using fc upload and 2-way applet
  • New confirmation dialogs for certain upload functions

Version 4.3 is a recommended upgrade.