FileCatalyst Workflow: Control Where Your Files Go

As an end user in Workflow, sometimes you may want to send files to an office other than the one you are tied to. Formerly, this involved having to contact your admin and requesting them to change your account to point to a different FileCatalyst Server in order to upload files to that office. Depending on how busy your Admin is, this request can take a while to be fulfilled. And as an admin, you do not want to sit around configuring your users’ profiles while you could be accomplishing some of your other more interesting tasks that you have on your plate.

As of FileCatalyst Workflow 4.7, you no longer need to bother your Admins for this and your Admins no longer need to take time to complete these requests.

All the Admin has to do is create a new Field in the FileCatalyst Workflow Solution called “ftpservers”. Add the list of FC/FTP Servers they wish to be available for selection by end users.

A user may then log into the Workflow application and as part of the new Job submission process, they can choose the server where the files will go.