files2u – a new FileCatalyst-powered service

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A formal press release is due soon, but I thought I’d get a bit ahead of myself with an informal post:

As some of you may have already discovered, we have been in the beta stages of a new file transfer service for a few weeks now. The service is powered by our FileCatalyst Webmail offering. It resurrects an old product name that some longtime users may recognize, but in a completely new form. Check it out at - fast file transfer for free - fast file transfer for free

The catch? There’s not really one. We have placed some FileCatalyst information easily available on the website itself, but it’s not “in your face”. Mainly, the ‘catch’ is simply that it’s a very simplified version of Webmail. You don’t get any administrative-side functions, or things that a Webmail user might get (like individual and group storage, address books, etc).

All does is allow you to send files (LARGE files) to anyone with an email address. That’s it. But we make it easy. No client software to install, no registration process, no fuss. Zero installation because we use Java applets to empower fully-accelerated FileCatalyst transfers though most networks.

The benefit to you? You get to send large files, of course! If you’re a developer, artist, or producer who works on projects with large files, you already know that email doesn’t cut it (10MB at best is NOT a large file by today’s standards) and FTP can be an annoyingly slow and unreliable beast. With Files2U, a few clicks and your large file is on the way.

The benefit to us? For starters, it’s sort of a “portfolio” piece. Anybody in the world can check out what a Webmail experience (simplified though it may be) would be like. It’s also another way to get the FileCatalyst name out there.

But mainly, it just gives us the chance to provide a free tool. We’ve always used our private demo site for sharing files around the world, and figured we could make something public. Not everyone has the ability to transfer large files, and we’re providing it for students, families, businesses…whoever. We have the technology. We like to help people. We like to show off what we have. It’s really that simple! And if you like what you see, you just might contact us about putting Webmail into your organization.