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Efficient media workflows with Kyno & FileCatalyst

With FileCatalyst you can transfer your media files at blazing speed, but how do you prepare your assets before a transfer? In today’s video production landscape, the number of cameras and amount of footage has grown exponentially. You need a way to select, trim and QA material before it’s transferred. And you may only want to accept specific formats based on your already established workflows. You may even want to prevent submissions that don’t meet your criteria in order to save time managing media.

Kyno lets you do that and more through their media browser that includes an integrated player, transcoder and transfer client. It’s popularity amongst production companies and broadcasters like Al Jazeera and ABC News is due to its simple-to-use interface and powerful tools under the hood.

Join us for a webinar and learn how Kyno helps camera operators, field producers and editorial staff work more efficiently and how the new Kyno-plugin for FileCatalyst Hotfolder allows you to filter and route media content based on metadata (*). We will also give you a quick preview of how Kyno’s upcoming FileCatalyst integration makes delivery even more seamless.

Présentateur:Robert Krüger, Co-Founder Lesspain Software; Elton Carneiro, Director – Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services, FileCatalyst

Quand: Thursday Nov 2nd, 2017

Durée: 11:00AM – 11:45AM EST

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