From creation to consumption

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In less than a week’s time, our company will be exhibiting at BVE in London, England. This is a show we regularly attend, giving us an opportunity to connect with partners, speak with prospects, and get an overall feel for the media and broadcast industry globally. It’s also important to note, this is the first industry trade show we attend each year. The theme of this year’s show is “From creation to consumption”, which got me thinking about BVE and the role FileCatalyst plays in helping a dream come true.
Let’s start at the very beginning
Idea The show theme applies wonderfully to an event developed around an art. None of our favourite movies, TV shows, or documentaries would exist if not for an idea. Whatever the motivation or however it comes about, an artist gets an idea. As the idea formulates inside the artist’s head, they begin expressing it. Whether they’re writing it down on paper, crafting it on a computer, or brainstorming with a friend, family member, or colleague, the idea begins to come together. From that point, the artist needs to craft it into a fully thought through plan. That could mean bringing a writer on board to assist in communicating the idea, or recording the concept on camera with actors, or any number of things.
Lights, camera, action!
Once the idea is granted approval, the idea becomes a project. Projects require planning, investment, dedication, and action. Plenty of things go on behind the scenes before anything is filmed, but once filming starts, an idea, which has become a project, is on its way to success.
Wrap it up
Following filming, there’s more involved than most of us realize. Whether it’s editing, transcoding, storing, or any number of other things required to get a project into a product, this part of the process is among the most challenging. Historically, this stage could take weeks, but advancements in technology have sped it up. Products like FileCatalyst now allow those involved to quickly sent footage, data, and information to locations for post-production processing. In accelerating the transfer of files, processes required to finalize our favourite movies, TV shows, and documentaries are completed much faster than in the past. This means, as viewers, we’re able to see them much faster than we would have been able to 20, 10, or even five years ago. For an artist, their idea, project, and product come together quicker, which turns dreams into realities faster than ever before. The companies attending BVE, from FileCatalyst, to our partners, to the hardware folks, and everyone else, each have different visions and goals. Each attends the show for a different reason and each provides a different solution, but ultimately, each exhibitor has a similar ambition – helping an artist turn an idea into a product. Going from creation to consumption is a process. It can be long, full of hard work, and dedication. Ultimately though, it is a process FileCatalyst is honoured to be a part of as we help artists globally realize their dreams.