Gaming – Yeah…getting bigger

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I admit it. I’m the resident gamer here at Unlimi-Tech. I play mostly Massively Multiplayer Online games right now, like Eve Online and Lord of the Rings Online. I also dabble in many other types of games as well like shooters (..rarely these days…) and strategy games. It’s a great hobby that both myself and others have found more entertaining than TV these days.

What’s my point? Riiiiight. I had one somewhere….

The gaming industry is huge. At last count, according to NPD, revenues were around the 21 billion dollar mark. Think of this: those numbers DO NOT include digital downloads, which is going to be huge going forward within the console and the PC gaming space. Yes…NPD just started to track the digital download world and I’m very excited to see how applications like Steam and Impulse do over the coming year. But, they are also huge in terms of the amount of digital size of their games.

I know what you’re thinking…and you’re half right: “Darren….FileCatalyst is perfect for the digital download space”. Why yes. Yes it is disembodied reader. Applications like Steam can benefit from file transfer acceleration on the distribution end of things. Heck, I know I would love to download my games faster. Same goes with the patching process for most MMOs these days (…World of Warcraft….I’m looking in your direction! …). Here is another idea that might help both gamers and the designers of the games we know and love: Accelerated file transfer of game assets between the designers during production. I’m guessing that 3D models, ISOs, and textures are in the meg to gig range in terms of size. How much time would be saved if Designer A could send Designer B art/model assets using FileCatayst at 100 times the speed that they usually send them? Gaming studios have locations all around the world, so I can only imagine the time and money savings that could be had there. It is my hope that, as a gamer, these savings would get the game in my hands faster….or, have designers add in extra features because their workflow is more efficient.

We will be at GDC this year in San Francisco. We’re hoping to talk to both game developers and gamers alike about what kind of experience they would like to see what it comes to delivering content for this ever growing hobby. So, come visit and lets talk games 😉

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