GDC Podcast Interview on VirginWorlds

If you’re into podcasts and Massively Online (MMO) gaming, there really is no better place to go to than VirginWorlds. Yes, I am a bit biased with this because, I too, have a show that I do there as well ;)….one among the many show offerings at that site. For those that are not familiar, the flagship podcast covers all of the news and technology trends that is happening within the MMO gaming space. Recently, VirginWorlds podcast host Brent, sat down with FileCatalyst CEO Chris Bailey at GDC 2009 to talk about the FileCatalyst product and how it fits within the gaming industry. Go take a listen here. I encourage you all to listen to the whole podcast…but if you just want to hear Chris, his interview starts at 57:47-ish. Enjoy.