Happy Holidays from Unlimi-Tech, 2009 recap

posted in: FileCatalyst, Staff
Happy Holidays from Unlimi-Tech! Leading into the holidays and the New Year, we wanted to send out a note to all of our customers to thank them for their patronage, and to briefly recap 2009. In this past year we have continued innovate and grow. We experienced record growth this year, in terms of worldwide adoption of our FileCatalyst software and also in terms of increasing staff to develop groundbreaking features and provide our clients with the same level of personalized and expert support that they are accustomed to. We are poised to continue this growth into 2010. Much of the credit goes to the hard work and determination by our staff; however, nothing would be possible without our growing base of loyal customers. As with any business, we owe everything to our clients. We feel that this is particularly true in software development, because it goes beyond sales. Having strong relationships with customers who are eager to share their observations and suggestions leads to improvements in our products that might not otherwise be in place! When the creativity and enthusiasm of your customer base matches with that of your employees, great things can happen. Throughout 2009, we released several major new features including full official release of our SDK, the first iteration of our Outlook Plugin, and cloud deployment through our Amazon AMIs. Under the hood, we have continued to boost performance of the FileCatalyst core, reaching multiple Gbps speeds even with high latency and packet loss. We have added almost 100 new features to our client and server applications, almost all in direct response to customer feedback. We continue to receive wonderful (and much appreciated) comments on our technical and pre-sales support as well. Our staff is really just doing what seems natural: providing answers in a friendly and clear way, being available for honest-to-goodness phone conversations and web meetings, and being dedicated to finding the answers if they’re not immediately obvious. We’ve come to take it as a real point of pride that our customers consider our support to be above and beyond what they have come to expect from other companies. So a big thank you to everyone who is so thoughtful and encouraging when providing those kinds of comments– it fuels us to work even harder for you! On behalf of everyone here at Unlimi-Tech, Happy Holidays! We are look forward to continuing to serve you in 2010!