The Fast File Transfer Blog

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Welcome to FileCatalyst’s new blog.  Check back regularly as we open up about the FileCatalyst family of products, with discussions about fast file transfer, managed file transfer, and how technologies like FTP can be replaced. All the while, keep up with the goings-on at FileCatalyst’s parent company, Unlimi-Tech Software, Inc. and the people who make FileCatalyst what it is. We have all kinds of useful articles planned, including practical FileCatalyst-related subjects like:
  • Deploying FileCatalyst Products
  • Getting the most out of your configuration
  • Common problems and how to solve them (aka, “My Firewall is giving me grief!”)
  • Developing a web application using FileCatalyst applets
  • General tutorials in maximizing your FileCatalyst experience
We’ll also be talking about the state of file transfer, answering questions such as:
  • How can FTP alternatives be “100X faster than FTP”?
  • How can I get more performance without changing my existing infrastructure?
  • Why do I need managed file transfer?
  • What is it about TCP that can make it so inefficient?
And with any luck, we’ll also get around to general chat from the personalities working here. Peek into the development of the world’s finest file transfer software. Learn about the challenges we face in this specialized industry. Rally behind us as we cheer for the Ottawa Senators NHL hockey team. Learn a thing or two about FileCatalyst products, a lot about file transfer, and a smidge about who we are. All coming soon to this space!