With project collaborators typically working in geographically dispersed locations, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals depend on digital file transfer to share information and manage communications. The move to 3D CAD documents plus an increased demand for large format CAD drawings in colour, the size of digital project files is skyrocketing. This constant creep in the size of data is challenging the ability to quickly share and disseminate critical information needed to meet project deadlines. FileCatalyst software solutions accelerate, simplify, and secure file transfer for project files and other sets of data.

File Transfer Acceleration Benefits

  • Increased project productivity with quick transmission of large digital files
  • Simplified international collaboration with fast file exchange over large geographically dispersed areas
  • Secure file transfers, ensuring files are private with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL
  • Manage and send file revisions quickly with the delta transfer feature, enabling large files to be sent in entirety once and then only sending file changes for incredibly fast delivery
  • Highly customizable platform enables easy integration into existing enterprise software