Quickly transferring files across today’s enterprise is a challenge – large file sets, multiple recipients, and many geographically dispersed offices turn file transfer into slow and unreliable task when using the wrong technology, like FTP or email attachments. FileCatalyst software is ideally suited for the global enterprise, accelerating file transfers between cities, countries, and even continents. Enterprises use FileCatalyst solutions to streamline their file transfer processes, set the proper controls to track all files sent within an organization, and protect their data.

File Transfer Acceleration Benefits

  • Fast, efficient, and reliable transfer protocol provides quick return on investment in terms of man hours, data leak prevention, and courier costs
  • Highly customizable platform enables easy integration into existing enterprise software
  • Secure file transfers, protecting transferred files with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL
  • Fine-grained bandwidth controls, allowing administrators to quickly assign more bandwidth where needed
“Since using FileCatalyst, we have seen a marked improvement in file transfer rates…particularly in regions of the world where networks have frequent outages….”
—Tata Communications