Video game development requires communication and collaboration at every step of the process, often in the form of file delivery within the office, across the country, or around the world. From initial concept to testing, large format media files in media rich or uncompressed formats take a substantial amount of time to transfer using FTP and other traditional methods, especially over global connections. Fast and reliable delivery of files at each phase leading up to official release is essential to meet milestones and ensure the final product is complete in time for launch.

File Transfer Acceleration Benefits

  • Reduce production cycles with quick transmission of large format media files
  • Eases international collaboration with fast transfers over large geographically dispersed areas
  • Secure file transfers, ensuring files are private with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL until they are ready for release
  • Manage and send file revisions quickly with the delta transfer feature, enabling disc images and binaries to be sent in entirety once and then only sending file changes for incredibly fast delivery
  • Create a fast and seamless end-user download experience directly by integrating into a web portal