The move to HD and tapeless production has caused media files to skyrocket in size, creating additional burden to the already challenged file transfer process. Methods of file transfer like FTP and email are not able to keep up with today’s large media files, often leading to failed or never-ending transfers. Fast, secure, and reliable delivery of files are crucial for these workflows – and FileCatalyst software is up to the challenge.

File Transfer Acceleration Benefits

  • Reduced production cycles with quick transmission of large format media files
  • Increased reliability of file transfers
  • Optimized bandwidth usage, even in poor network conditions
  • Simplified international collaboration with faster transfers over largely geographically dispersed areas
  • Secured file transfers, ensuring files are private with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL until they are ready for release
  • Progressive transfer option allows media files to start transferring as they are being encoded

Case Studies

“Our file transfers are now much faster and more secure than with our previous server. We also needed a new, simpler approach…and FileCatalyst was able to deliver.”
—Bell Media