FileCatalyst is used within natural resource industries, including the following:

  • Oil and gas
  • Energy and utilities
  • Mining

Such organizations have diverse networks that consist of a collection of satellite, wireless, and terrestrial links. FileCatalyst's software-based solution is designed to accelerate and optimize file transfers across these networks, maximizing throughput. In many cases, data transferred by such companies is highly compressible. With compression, virtual speeds can exceed two or more times the actual link speed.

File Transfer Acceleration Benefits

  • Fast and reliable file transfers with on-the-fly compression and byte level incremental transfers to maximize transfer speeds of large data sets, even on unreliable networks
  • Efficient management of transfers involving large datasets with full tracking capabilities, including notifications of completed transfers
  • Software easily integrated into equipment to capture information in remote locations, enabling automated data transfers from areas with no human interaction
  • Reduced spending on IT infrastructure, optimizing file transfers across existing network structures and eliminating the need for upgrades

Case Studies

“The first benefit we noticed after implementing FileCatalyst was more control over our transfers and a dramatic speed improvement….”
James Watson, PGS