Interop 2012 – Parting Impressions

posted in: Fast File Transfer

Although we have been exhibiting at Interop for several years now, the 2012 show in Las Vegas was actually the first time I personally had a chance to work the booth. I have to say that I found it very refreshing compared to some other shows I’ve worked. It doesn’t have all the glitz and glamour of the NAB show we attend every April, but it has a lot going for it.

Everyone at this show is educated on basic file transfer issues (it’s an IT show after all!) which is a nice change. I was left with the impression that almost every conversation I had, had at least opened that persons eyes to something new they hadn’t previously considered, even if it turned out they had no immediate need for file transfer acceleration. Even during slower moments, when we were “accosting” anyone we could in order to stay active, most passers-by were CTOs or CIOs who ended up being interested in what we do. We left with a ton of interesting leads and lots of opportunities for business development. Even the other vendors who stopped by managed to pique our interest in their services.

The staff organizing the show did a great job as well. We arrived to the show floor and found some problems with the booth (missing monitors, electrical, etc…) and they were remedied within an hour (thanks Freeman!) Parking and getting to and from the Mandalay Bay convention centre was a breeze compared to larger shows held at the LV convention centre. There was also a great party put on by UBM Techweb for the exhibitors that was really fun and also turned into a great networking event.

From both the business side and the personal side, this was a great show to attend. Next stop: Interop NY in the fall!