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There’s an official press release coming out tomorrow morning, but we were excited enough about this one to spoil the fun a day early:

Hosting_com_logo_3colo has implemented FileCatalyst into their already-excellent Customer Portal. Of course, we feel this makes the portal even better, but we’re biased!

We’ve been interested in the cloud for a good long time, recognizing the limitations imposed by HTTP and FTP on people who need to get files to their environment. But it wasn’t really until that we found a provider who was just as interested in the solution as we are.

It doesn’t take much investigation to figure out why: is one of the few out there that really puts customer service as a priority. Slow transfer speeds aren’t really in the customer’s best interests, so it shouldn’t be a shock that they made the groundbreaking move to offer UDP-accelerated transfers to the cloud.

But I ramble. The press release comes out tomorrow, and I’ll be sure to yammer about it a bit more then. In the meantime, our respective webpages are live and ready for visitors!

Stay tuned for more details!