IBCでFileCatalystでこっそり、覗い 2016

IBC is only a few days away! We sat with FileCatalyst CEO and Co-Founder, クリス·ベイリー, FileCatalystはIBCのための店で持っているものでこっそり-のぞき見を取得します 2016.

“Media and broadcasting industry as everybody knows back in the early 2000s started moving from SD to HD and now we’re into 4k so the video file sizes have just exploded,” Bailey said. “Imagine going from days to send a files to a couple hours and then to a couple minutes, あなたの帯域幅に応じて、. That makes a huge impact on the workflows in the media and broadcast industry.”

FileCatalystが出展します IBC 2016 9月から 9-13 at Booth 7.H37 where they will feature updates to FileCatalyst Central – the technology used by NBC Olympics in their broadcast of the Summer Games in Rio. 加えて, FileCatalystチームは、製品の既存のスイートのデモを与え、多くの新しいエキサイティングなパートナーシップを議論するために手になります.

必ず 会議をスケジュール 加速ファイル転送技術の最新ニュースを知るします.