Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT) is a leader in advanced digital microwave video systems serving the broadcast and sports & entertainment markets.

IMT's legacy as a premier supplier of microwave video transmission systems can be traced back to 1991, though today it offers a wide range of state-of-the art products for a broad spectrum of applications, including live news coverage for television broadcast, cable, and special events. With efficiency through simplicity and advanced COFDM technology as the cornerstones of its product development strategy, IMT’s novel approach is focused on the integration and optimization of antenna array design, adaptive digital signal processing, and maximum ratio combining (MRC) techniques. IMT’s range of products include wireless camera systems, portable and tripod mounted units, airborne down IMT manufacturing facility links, central and diversity receivers and transmitters, IP/IFB products, and a wide array of fixed link equipment for point to point STL, TSL, ICR, and statewide networks.

In addition to a comprehensive equipment line up, IMT also offers complete system design and engineering capabilities as well as integration and installation services. Complementing its continued commercial presence, IMT has greatly expanded its portfolio recently by developing specific new products for key MAG customers worldwide.

The IMT Messenger solution has an optional media transfer server integrated into the product. This media transfer has a sync folder that media files can be transferred into and transferred seamlessly back to the studio video server or media server. FileCatalyst Direct is integrated into Messenger enabled the capability to monitor a folder and automatically transfer files when they are available. In addition to the HotFolder, the web applets are also used for ad hoc transfers.