Since 2008, Evirx has delivered web-based software solutions to individuals and companies seeking professional excellence. Through web based video analysis tools Evirx helps professionals advance in their careers by capturing demonstrations of workplace skills, knowledge and competencies made available for supervisor assessment. Evirx provides solutions used in healthcare, medicine, education, military, and corporate training with its VideoWurks tool. VideoWurks allows users in remote locations to upload video demonstrating workplace competencies from anywhere with an Internet connection, which supervisors and instructors then assess to provide feedback.


Evirx’s users routinely upload videos for assessment anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes in length. This results in slow and often unreliable uploads to the server, especially when combined with other issues including weak network connections experienced by users. Evirx tried a variety of traditional file transfer methods to optimize the upload process, including physical shipment via SD cards, an FTP solution for video uploads, and a web-based service was used to send large files electronically. While each failed file transfer method had its own issues, Evirx noticed many of the same problems emerge each time as well: video uploads were slow and unreliable, many video files were often too large to transfer, the interfaces were clunky and difficult for users to understand, and the solutions could not be integrated into Evirx’s existing web-based solution.


To accelerate Evirx’s video transfers the FileCatalyst Direct Server solution was implemented. The Direct Server quickly became a point of management for all Evirx video file transfers and optimized uploads based on user networks. Along with the Server FileCatalyst applets were also deployed and integrated directly into VideoWurks. This allowed video files of any format or size to be uploaded by users in the Evirx interface with no software installation required.


FileCatalyst’s UDP-based acceleration technology and applets quickly helped Evirx spend less time handling files and technical support issues, allowing them more time to focus on core operations. FileCatalyst Direct enabled videos of any size and format to be quickly and reliably uploaded into Evirx’s server. Another valued featured was the automatic selection of protocol (UDP, FTP, or HTTP) optimizing the user’s transfer based on their network.

Moreover, the FileCatalyst applets were integrated into Evirx’s user software, allowing for an easy and undisrupted experience for video uploads. “The integration of FileCatalyst technology into our software was seamless for the end user, a long-searched feature extremely important to us” says Art Recesso, CEO and founder of Evirx. Overall, Evirx’s adoption of FileCatalyst technology was a simple process with immediate return on investment. In regard to deployment and post-implementation experience, Art stated, “My involvement working directly with FileCatalyst post-sales support was excellent – one of my best experiences working with a vendor”.