Every month, we host an educational webinar about a product, feature, or implementation of the FileCatalyst platform. Whether you're technically inclined or just looking for some more details, our webinars are a great source of information.

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Accelerate file transfers with a Software Defined Media Network

With more and more time sensitive media production moving to file-based workflows, on-time file deliveries become key. Often content owners, broadcasters, and producers exchange raw and produced material using inefficient transfer protocols or static network connections. Sometimes even over public infrastructure like the Internet. This leads to inefficient bandwidth usage, slow transfers ,and unpredictable transfer times.

File acceleration using on-demand capacity provided by a software defined media network is the solution. Automatically assigned network capacity based on transfer urgency and guaranteed bandwidth provide the tools needed for fast transfers and predictable transfer times. With a software defined media network designed to guarantee service characteristics, all of this can be realized on infrastructure carrying both file-based and live video content.

On December 10th from 10:30 am - 11:30 am EST, join Indirect Channel Manager Elton Carneiro who will be joined by Alexander Sandstrom from Net Insight to explain how FileTeleport, a joint FileCatalyst and Net Insight solution, addresses the challenge of time sensitive file transfers. FileTeleport integrates Emmy award winning FileCatalyst software with Net Insight’s Nimbra network infrastructure and IABM award winning SDN control solution to enable accelerated transfers over automatically provisioned network connectivity.

Introducing FileCatalyst

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June 2015: Explaining the FileCatalyst Adobe integration

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May 2015: An introduction to FileCatalyst

March 2015: Amazon S3 Integration

Feb 2015: FileCatalyst webinar featuring Forscene


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