Eliminate slow file transfers and send big data fast with the FileCatalyst accelerated and managed file transfer platform. FileCatalyst provides FTP alternatives that enables you to send files of any size or format at full line speed, and up to hundreds of times faster than FTP, while ensuring the secure and reliable delivery of files with sizes into the terabytes. All products in the FileCatalyst suite also integrate seamlessly for perfect interoperability within the FileCatalyst family.

Each FileCatalyst solution serves a unique set of organizational file transfer needs and work across a variety of industries. Learn more about each FileCatalyst solution and its deployment options below.


Our flagship file transfer solution enabling point to point file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

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Web-based application that simplifies the file exchange and streamlining submission and distribution workflows

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Web portal for centralized monitoring and management of a FileCatalyst deployment.

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A full portfolio of APIs for development, providing incredibly flexible integration options.

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