FileCatalyst Direct is a flexible and scalable solution used across many industries. Accelerated and managed file transfers with FileCatalyst begin by installing the FileCatalyst Server at one of the file transfer endpoints to enable acceleration to serve as the central hub for your organization’s file transfer.

FileCatalyst Server

FileCatalyst Server software is deployed wherever files are centrally managed and handles file and user management, security, transfer acceleration (up to 10Gbps), and other features. Since a FileCatalyst Server is the heart all FileCatalyst applications, FileCatalyst deployment can be expanded in any direction with perfect interoperability.

Common Scenarios:

live event production

Connection Options

The next step involves connecting to the FileCatalyst Server with the option that best serves your organization’s file transfer needs. The following range of options for connecting to the FileCatalyst Direct Server, by feature, are available.
Scheduling and Automation
Schedule and execute file transfers and bandwidth usage automatically with FileCatalyst HotFolder Read more…
In-browser file transfers
Transfer files directly through your web browser to any email address with FileCatalyst TransferAgent. Read more…
Mobile uploads
Quickly transfer files via your smartphone with FileCatalyst apps for iOS and Android Read more…
Simple user interface
A no-frills 2-pane transfer tool—for those familiar with FTP transfers—is available in the form of the FileCatalyst Express Client Read more…
Custom solutions development
Create and code a custom file transfer solution or integrate FileCatalyst into your existing system Read more…
Command line interface
Easily update existing transfer scripts to enable FileCatalyst acceleration Read more…