FileCatalyst Express click to enlarge For scenarios requiring nothing but simple file transfer, the FileCatalyst suite includes a no-frills 2-panel application. As a standalone application, we call the product FileCatalyst Express. The same functionality is available from within the FileCatalyst HotFolder automation tool as an on-demand “connect” function.

Familiar Interface

If you have ever used a GUI-driven FTP client, chances are good that it used a 2-panel (or more) interface. A panel on the left shows the local filesystem while another shows the remote filesystem. By selecting files and either dragging or clicking action buttons, you can exchange files between the two locations. Our no-frills interface uses this convention because of its immediate familiarity. This means that organizations migrating from an FTP-based file exchange system can get their users up to speed immediately, while still keeping the option open to implement more feature-rich FileCatalyst tools in the future.

Simple Installation

Getting up and running is no more or less difficult than any other similar application. You are required to run the installer and then provide credentials to a user account (these are provided by the administrator). A connection is established and the user can transfer files on demand.