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FileCatalyst HotFolder

By far, our most commonly-used tool for scheduling and automation is FileCatalyst HotFolder. HotFolder is a desktop application that is installed on the end-user’s machine and allows the creation of scheduled, automatic tasks. Features specific to HotFolder include: Automated Transfers: Set transfer tasks which execute at a set interval. When the task executes, files are sent or received based on your custom settings. Bandwidth Scheduling: HotFolder allows you to set your bandwidth usage around a schedule; for example, you might throttle workday usage. Filtering: Break jobs into subtasks with filters. Set inclusive or exclusive filters according to type, size or matched string. Need something more powerful? Switch to regular expressions (regex). Folder Replication: Create synchronization tasks for mirroring or replicating large directories over WAN. These tasks are ideal for creating a solution for offsite disaster recovery backups.

Custom scripts and applications

If a desktop application doesn’t suit your needs, FileCatalyst provides tools for rolling your own scheduling and automation solution: FileCatalyst API provides application programming interfaces for a number of different languages. If your program builds out a scheduling or automation interface, adding FileCatalyst transfers will be the easiest part. FileCatalyst CLI offers a way to initiate FileCatalyst transfers from the command line. Add one or more command-line transfers to a cron job (or other task controller) and you have an automation solution.