FileCatalyst直接是一套客户端和服务器应用程序,使点高达10 Gbps的速度指向加速文件传输。 利用FileCatalyst 基于UDP的文件传输技术,FileCatalyst直接都难到网络上的分组丢失和延迟的影响。 它可以快速地提供城市,国家,甚至大洲之间的任何尺寸或格式的文件。 FileCatalyst直接不仅仅是超过全球连接的快速文件传输工具的更多,这也提高了组织的IT效率。

Transfer big data and send large files at full line speed regardless of file size, to save time, share information, and collaborate faster than ever before.



FileCatalyst employs several security features to ensure your files are safe. Authentication against enterprise directories or database ensure data is as secure as the rest of your enterprise. Data is secured using industry standard AES encryption, while all communications are sent over a secure SSL channel. Access to the server is further secured using a series of IP filters and intrusion detection features.


FileCatalyst will make sure your files arrive in the fastest possible time, while ensuring 100% integrity of the files. Upon completion of a transfer, each file is verified byte by byte using MD5 to ensure there is no data corruption. If a transfer must be resumed for any reason, such as a network interruption, FileCatalyst will perform MD5 checks on the partial files, and resume the transfer with no loss of data.


FileCatalyst has the unique ability to begin transferring a file while it is still growing. Even files that have long pauses in their growth can be accommodated. Whether transferring a video file while it is being encoded or transferring an archive file as it is generated, FileCatalyst will deliver the file without needing to wait for the file to be completed.


FileCatalyst can significantly reduce the amount of data needing to be transferred using its unique incremental feature. When a file already exists at the destination, FileCatalyst will detect what portions of a file need to be transferred, and only sends the bytes that have changed. For certain types of transfer, i.e. backups, this can sometimes reduce the data by 90% or more.


Integrated with Leading Cloud Providers
The FileCatalyst cloud storage integrations for Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob storage directly leverage the APIs provided by Amazon and Microsoft. Unlike competing solutions, FileCatalyst does not use third party tools or drivers to access the object storage. 了解更多


除了提供线速度传输,FileCatalyst还可以通过使用各种无损压缩技术减少传输时间。 文件可以在即时使用GZIP或LZMA算法,以提供比线速度更高的有效传送速率被压缩。 FileCatalyst也可以结合小文件成更大的压缩归档运输过程中减少开销,从而使大量的小文件,删除单个文件“设置”和“拆卸”时间的连续传输。