Better Form Uploads

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Old Form Uploads Our existing web applications have used a solid “form upload” mechanism for years, which serves as a fallback for people who cannot (or choose to not) use our Java applets for accelerated uploads. However, as more time … Read More

XHR2 via JavaScript – HTTP Uploads

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Synopsis A brief overview on the whys and hows of using HTML’s XHR2 API for file transfer. In addition to the overview, jQuery-based sample JavaScript is provided for the client side. Skip to sample code ⇒

FileCatalyst Central v3.2: Flexible Views

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As a general development principle at FileCatalyst, we are guided by what our customers need from the product. However, we still occasionally indulge ourselves and include small changes to an application based on the simple question, “What’s something *I* would … Read More

FileCatalyst Staff Golf Tourney 2012

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It’s a rare day that work feels like work around here, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re indoors, most of us in front of computer screens. Iterating code, improving written copy, and working to get our software into … Read More