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If you’ve ever tried to send a large video file, you know what a time consuming process it can be. For the production pros using Aframe – the world’s most powerful video collaboration platform – they need to transfer thousands of videos every day. Imagine how long this would take using standard FTP.


a-frame-logoAframe is the only platform of its kind that supports high resolution media of any format, online collaboration and - thanks to integration with FileCatalyst - accelerated transfer and secure file sharing. FileCatalyst’s integration with Aframe's platform allows them to collaborate at lightning speed. Well, almost lightning speed - try up to 10 Gbps.


How FileCatalyst and Aframe work together:

Watch the video below to see how FileCatalyst and Aframe work in tandem, allowing users to upload videos to the Aframe platform from anywhere in the blink of an eye. 

Prior to integration with FileCatalyst, Aframe users were subjected to the standard pitfalls of working with large video files: latency and long transfer times. Once the FileCatalyst API was embedded into the Aframe desktop app, many of the challenges faced by Aframe users were eliminated. Now, Aframe clients rapidly transfer large files across the globe allowing for fluid, time efficient video collaboration. 

Read the case study and see how FileCatalyst is reinventing file transfer in the media and broadcast space. 

FileCatalyst is an Emmy award winning software that lets users transfer files of speeds up to 10Gbps across global networks.

Transfer big files, fast.