A few things we love

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (this is a subtle reminder guys), and while here at FileCatalyst we aren’t in the business of chocolates and flowers, we thought this would be a great time to share five of the things that … Read More

What winning an Emmy is like

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So, I won an Emmy. Well, more accurately we won an Emmy. To be completely accurate, my company was nominated for and awarded a Technology & Engineering Emmy in the category of “Secure Accelerate File Movement Over IP, Including the … Read More

Introducing FileCatalyst TransferAgent

If you have been keeping up with FileCatalyst, you may have already heard of our latest product, FileCatalyst TransferAgent. Officially released yesterday, TransferAgent introduces a new way to harness the power of FileCatalyst. That last phrase should be read with … Read More

Dev’s Corner: Java 8 and the FileCatalyst API

The following article is a bit on the technical side. It is exploring an example of how our current client API meshes with Java 8. It is meant for our customers who integrate our API within their software. I am … Read More

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