Our core values outline our most important goals and provide guidance for daily activities and corporate initiatives.

Continual, Focused Innovation

We commit ourselves to evolving our core transport technology to continuously enhance how we serve our customers. By incorporating customer feature requests into our product roadmaps and conducting thorough market research, we constantly improve the results achieved with the FileCatalyst platform.

Customer Success

We are dedicated to ensuring customers exceed goals related to moving their data efficiently and securely. We pride ourselves on delivering responsive and thorough customer support from initial evaluation through production deployment by providing clients with full access to developers and high level support engineers.

Strategic Partnerships

We form strategic partnerships to extend the reach of FileCatalyst. Whether by partnering with resellers to provide wide distribution or with other software vendors to integrate seamlessly into business applications, our goal is to make accelerated file transfer omnipresent and simple for anyone requiring fast file exchange.

Global Responsiveness

We operate on a global scale and have transferred virtually all types of files across every continent. However, we remain agile and able to respond quickly to customer demands and adapt to new circumstances. In other words, our size allows us to remain flexible while serving file transfer needs worldwide.