FileCatalyst is pleased to announce that we’re ringing in the new year with the launch of an entirely new service – FileCatalyst Spaces.

The launch of FileCatalyst Spaces marks a new era for FileCatalyst. FileCatalyst Spaces is a fully managed and hosted service that allows companies to share files at full line speeds using FileCatalyst’s patented fast file transfer algorithms, without having to pay for the software upfront.


Why Did We Develop FileCatalyst Spaces?

After looking at the changes in recent market trends, we noticed that many organizations want to offload the costs of buying, building and maintaining all of the hardware/software required for a “private/in-house” file transfer solution. In doing so, organizations have shown a growing interest in “Software as a Service” pricing models that offset “building & maintenance” costs in exchange for a subscription fee that includes hosting and maintenance costs.

We know first hand the challenges of sending large files across the WAN. This is something we have over a decade of experience in and we have been solving this problem for customers around the world since the 2000s with our Emmy award-winning fast file transfer solutions.

That being said, we decided to take our core fast file transfer technology and create a full turnkey subscription-based service, accessible anywhere, from any browser. Simply pay for your subscription, your added features and the data you transfer.


Features Unique to FileCatalyst Spaces

Think of FileCatalyst as a service that marries the simplicity of a “Dropbox” solution with the fast file transfer speeds FileCatalyst has become known for. Not only are we bringing our speed to the table, but we are also including many of the features from our product FileCatalyst Workflow. Here are some of the features available in FileCatalyst Spaces:

Email Distribution Without File Size Limitations

FileCatalyst Spaces give users the ability to send files of any size to any email address. Whether you are sending a small image, a large video file, or a gigantic database structure, FileCatalyst Spaces will send an email with the download link to any email address anywhere in the world.


Robust Customization
With FileCatalyst Spaces, you can create fully customized file transfer portals in minutes. We even provide preconfigured templates to get you started. Our portals and templates allow for custom metadata fields for submission or distribution, customized email content and much more. Mimic your corporate identity on your instance of FileCatalyst Spaces!


Flexible Data Storage
Flexible data storage options allow users to either use the cloud storage provided by FileCatalyst Spaces or bring their own cloud storage. FileCatalyst Spaces supports, Wasabi, AWS S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud Storage and Backblaze B2.


Sharing & Collaboration
Sure, FileCatalyst Spaces can help you send data at blazing speeds, but it can also serve as a repository for sharing and collaboration. Create shareable folders for users and groups to share large datasets and collaborate with others. You can also maintain control with grouping and permissions features, ensuring that the right people have access to the right content. You can also enable notifications so your group members are notified of changes in the shared folder.


One of our most popular client applications for FileCatalyst Direct, the FileCatalyst HotFolder, has been made available as an add-on feature. FileCatalyst HotFolder allows users to automate their file submissions, or even keep their web folders in sync. With FileCatalyst HotFolder you can create folders that allow you to set custom scheduled intervals that will automatically upload files to FileCatalyst Spaces or download files to your local storage (based on your configuration).


FileCatalyst Spaces’ Pricing (USD) – Subscription Options

As mentioned above, FileCatalyst Spaces is a subscription-based solution that uses a monthly-based pricing model that allows you to only pay for your subscription, optional add-ons, storage configuration and transferred data.

The pricing for FileCatalyst Spaces is flexible with a variety of different plans to suit your needs. There is a $300 initial setup fee (which can be waived. Watch the webinar below for more details), as well as a $10 fee per user per month. FileCatalyst Spaces also comes with basic support included. There are also optional add-ons, billed monthly, including:  

  • Advanced Support ($200): This grants you access to priority support including, tickets, chat and phone support.
  • Public Job Submission ($20): This option enables support for users to submit jobs into your instance of FileCatalyst Spaces without a user account on the system.
  • API ($50): This option enables support for API access for FileCatalyst Spaces.
  • HotFolder Job Submission ($50): This option grants you access to automated Job Submissions, perfect for organizations with recurring and high-volume submissions.
  • Storage (0.01$ per GB of data stored): a minimum charge of 1TB is applied Monthly.


FileCatalyst Spaces’ Pricing – Data Transfer Fees

After the one-time setup fee, storage fee and user fee, as well as any additional add-ons you choose, the only costs remaining is the data you transfer. Data Transfer fees are 0.06$ per GB if you use the built-in FileCatalyst Server. Let’s take a look at a few examples of costs:

Deployment 1 – Using FileCatalyst Cloud Storage:

  • 3 users
  • 1 TB of monthly file transfers
  • Object storage (purchased from FileCatalyst)
  • 1 TB total storage used

For this deployment, the costs per month would be:

  • User cost: $30
  • Transfer fees: $60
  • Storage fees: $10
  • Total monthly cost: $100 ($1200 yearly)


Deployment 2 – Using On-Premise FileCatalyst Storage:

  • 10 users
  • 1 TB of monthly file transfers
  • On-premise FileCatalyst Direct (perpetual license previously purchased)

For this deployment, the costs per month would be:

  • User cost: $100
  • Transfer fees: $60
  • Total monthly cost: $160 ($1920 yearly)


See FileCatalyst Spaces in Action!

Join FileCatalyst’s Co-Founder & President John Tkaczewsk joined FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services, Elton Carneiro, for a webinar that talks about this new service, it’s features and pricing.

Watch the full webinar here.