When signing up for Spaces, enter the special coupon code to claim your $600 discount. The trial will include 1TB of Disk Storage. This limit applies to the sum of active and deleted storage. This means that even if you delete some of the active storage to get under the 1 TB limit, you may still be impeded by active + deleted storage limit. The coupon excludes any storage costs. You will have to pay for storage $10 per TB per month even if using the coupon code.

One Time Setup Fee $100
User Fees $10 per user per month
Create public file transfer portals
(no login required)
$20 per month
HotFolder Automation for all Users $50 per month
API Support
(Programmatic Job Submission / User management)
$50 per month
Storage Fees*
($10 minimum for 1TB)
$0.01 per GB per month
Transfer Fees**
(if not using on-premise FileCatalyst Server)
$0.06 per GB
Standard Support*** $200 per month
Discount code has a value of $600. Expires August 31st 2020. Applicable for 2 1-mouth periods
* Storage fees are only charged if you use FileCatalyst Cloud Storage. If you bring your own storage account or use your own on-premise FileCatalyst Server, you will not be charged storage fees by FileCatalyst.
** There are no data transfer fees if you bring your own Direct Server. FileCatalyst Direct Server can be licensed separately with our hourly/monthly/term/perpetual or Per GB options.
*** Free Support is included in the price. It provides Support via Tickets with a response within 3 Business Days. Standard Support Provides Telephone, Email, Chat as well as priority Ticket Response Time.
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