In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, FileCatalyst is offering discount codes for FileCatalyst Spaces.  See details below.


When signing up for Spaces, enter the special coupon code to claim your $600 discount.

One Time Setup Fee $100
User Fees $10 per user per month
Create public file transfer portals
(no login required)
$20 per month
HotFolder Automation for all Users $50 per month
API Support
(Programmatic Job Submission / User management)
$50 per month
Storage Fees*
($10 minimum for 1TB)
$0.01 per GB per month
Transfer Fees**
(if not using on-premise FileCatalyst Server)
$0.06 per GB
Standard Support*** $200 per month
Discount code has a value of $600. Expires August 31st 2020. Applicable for 2 1-mouth periods
* Storage fees are only charged if you use FileCatalyst Cloud Storage. If you bring your own storage account or use your own on-premise FileCatalyst Server, you will not be charged storage fees by FileCatalyst.
** Data Transfer fees follow our consumption pricing for on-premise deployments and/or $0.06 / GB for the cloud storage. There are no Data Transfer Fees for FileCatalyst Servers with hourly/monthly/term licenses.
*** Free Support is included in the price. It provides Support via Tickets with a response within 3 Business Days. Standard Support Provides Telephone, Email, Chat as well as priority Ticket Response Time.
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