The FileCatalyst team is proud to announce the release of v4.8 and is now available for download from our main download page.

Relase Notes:

  • Added: (Workflow) REST API – Use REST calls to perform administrative functions. (Create/Update/Delete/List Users, Groups, Order Forms, FC/FTP Sites).
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) – Expiry of Packages – Ability for the administrator and/or user to define when packages expire.
  • Added: (Workflow) – Ability to send to a user or group
  • Added: (Workflow) – Script Execution – Ability to execute a script after upload of all files.
  • Added: (Workflow) – Ability for user to select groups when inviting temp accounts
  • Added: (Workflow) – New password policies. Ability to specify types of password the system should allow.
  • Improved: (Webmail + Workflow) Added Retry and Resume for connections between HTTP Servlet and FTP Server.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Email Filter Settings did not persist after clicking Save.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Uploading from AFP mounts on Mac OS X
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Isolate groups when shared jobs was unchecked
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Access download files link as anonymous from create new job page.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Cancel on Invite Others now redirects to Main Menu.
  • Fixed: (HotFolder/Outlook Plugin/API) would always default to HTTP mode when the default transfer mode was set to AUTO.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Export of Personal Address Book to CSV
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Import 1000+ AD contacts into Global Address Book.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) AD/LDAP user accounts containing apostrophe or any other illegal character in FCWEB
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Disabled reorder link for jobs/uploads with failed transfer status
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct v3.0.1 build 4