Today we released the latest versions of our FileCatalyst Workflow and FileCatalyst Webmail web applications. Webmail solves the problem of large file distribution, allowing users to send large files to anybody with an email address. Workflow solves this problem as well, but also provides a complete submission workflow, enabling “many to one” file transfers.

Key points in this release:

  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Support for Java 7

  • Added: (Workflow) Multiple Order form support from the API and HotFolder – Users can now select which order form they wish to use from the API or HotFolder. This feature will be available in the Outlook Plugin in the Fall 2012

  • Added: (Workflow) Submitting files to File Areas from the HotFolder – Users can now upload files directly into their personal or group file areas.

  • Added: (Workflow) Notify Group Members of changes to Group File Area – The system will now notify all group members when changes are made to the group file area.

  • Added: (Workflow) Customize Recipient Email based on Order Form – Admins can now have a different email template for each order form that has the RecipeintEmail field

  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Ability to see the IP address of the Sender from the Job list. The IP field must be added to the Job List view.

  • Fixed: (Workflow) Ability to specify more than one {FIELD(field_id)} in the job files path for an FC Site.

  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) User with “File Area only” status would see a drop down when they belonged to a single group file area with “My File Area” property disabled.

  • Improved: (Webmail + Workflow) Hidden fields are now hidden completely from the user side – Hidden fields are no longer shown on Confirm Job page, View Jobs page or in emails.

  • Improved: (Webmail + Workflow) Modified back-end code to support mobile platforms. (Yes! Android app coming soon…)

  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct v3.0.1 build 9