Here Comes FileCatalyst Workflow 5!


John Tkaczewski, FileCatalyst Co-Founder and President, presents to viewers the newest version of FileCatalyst, version 5. In this webinar, he provides a high-level overview of FTP, and how our UDP-based file transfer technology overcomes the various issues of FTP.

John then goes on to share the new advancements in FileCatalyst Workflow v5 including an updated UI and interface, new templating systems with grouping capabilities, logo and background uploads, and more.

What & How

FileCatalyst Workflow can streamline your submission, distribution and collaboration workflows by merging it all into an online workflow. Monitor your activity from anywhere via a web browser. FileCatalyst Workflow combines three powerful web-based managed file transfer workflows: submission, distribution and online folders.

Workflow easily integrates into any corporate infrastructure to act as a new and improved “submission inbox” for users to easily send files to your organization. Leave the hassle of managing multiple file versions from multiple clients behind, let FileCatalyst Workflow make the process easy.


This webinar is great for current users who are currently using FileCatalyst Workflow and would like to learn about the newest features coming to FileCatalyst Workflow. IT is also useful for those evaluating FileCatalyst workflow and would like to see the latest advancements.