FileCatalyst has extremely flexible licensing/pricing options. It can be licensed perpetually, or on a pay as you go basis both on-premise, or in a cloud deployment. Select a license type below for details.

*License fee starts at $3000 USD for a single server location, and comes with our FileCatalyst Express and Mobile clients and 5 concurrent connections. 

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This license model is perfect for organizations that do bulk transfer only occasionally or on a per event basis, and where there is a predictable volume of data, or if you require unlimited bandwidth transfers whenever you are moving files.  You can budget the costs of the data transfer into your overall project budget, and not continue to pay when the project is complete. In addition, those offering a service that require a model that has a low entry cost and scales with their business will benefit from this model.


  • License never expires
  • Metered - you only pay for data transferred by the GB
  • No bandwidth or concurrent connection limits
  • Access our entire client software suite, with unlimited distribution
  • Use the same license on multiple FileCatalyst Servers

Consumption Calculator

Sign up for a per-GB license at with no up front cost and send your first 50GB for free.  Prices start at $0.35 per GB.

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Per hour costs start at $1.75 per hour, and scales up based on instance size. For BYOL, you can either use the perpetual license on you cloud instance or a “Per-GB” license .

You can see full pricing information, or purchase the hourly instances directly from their respective cloud marketplaces using the following links:

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